The 8th Armenian-Ukranian Inter-Governmental Comission

After a pause of 8 years, the 8th Assembly of the joint Armenian-Ukrainian inter-governmental commission on economic cooperation took place in Yerevan, Armenia, on the 14th of September 2021 to intensify the collaboration between countries, improve the mutually beneficial cooperation and create a better future. 

“We agreed that it’s necessary to focus on the social sector because there is a big Armenian Diaspora in Ukraine, and they also closely follow what is happening in Ukraine. And I am sure that they would like us to cooperate more and further develop our relations and that our citizens get satisfied with the life quality both in Armenia and Ukraine”, the Ukrainian minister said.

The delegation of Armenia included officials from different ministries and agencies. The director of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Hayk Margarian, and our Center’s Business Development Expert, David Shahverdyan, took part in this meeting where both parties agreed that there is a great potential for bilateral trade and economic cooperation in various fields such as social policy, agriculture, education, science, and digital transformation.

At the end of the session, a respective protocol was signed by both parties creating large-scale cooperation aiming to strengthen the trade ties, establish Armenian-Ukrainian joint ventures and organize business-oriented events.
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