National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week - INNO Armenia-2023

On April 17-21 the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week - INNO Armenia-2023 was held in Armenia and was organized by the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCIE) of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

The Innovation Week was officially opened by a welcoming speech of James Bagyan, an American astronaut, doctor, engineer, and the first and only person of Armenian descent to have been in space.

Hayk Margaryan, the CEO of our Center, welcomed all participants and stated that INNO Armenia aims to establish a dialogue between business, science and state, and create a platform for productive interaction between all parties.

The National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week - INNO Armenia-2023 is organized with the support of the Prime Minister’s office of RA, Ministry of Economy of RA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs and National Center Foundation.

In his welcoming remarks, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of RA, Zareh Sinanyan, emphasized that the National Week is a good opportunity not only to discuss the scientific and innovative capabilities but also to highlight prospective development.

Sinanyan's speech was followed by the official signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation between our Center and the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. "The Memorandum will allow bringing cooperation between the two structures onto a new level", Z. Sinanyan stated.

Assistant to the Prime Minister of Armenia Hakob Abrahamyan, speaking on the topic of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the context of Armenia's transformation strategy", highlighted that transformation processes cannot be launched without the application of innovation. "Innovation and entrepreneurship are critical and are also strategic priorities. "Armenia can obtain a significant competitive advantage by emphasizing and strengthening these areas".

The Deputy Minister of Economy of Armenia, Ani Ispiryan, also delivered official speech. She emphasized that science and innovation play a special role in business development. In reference to the AMADEE-24, she expressed her hope that Mars mission will have a special place in the list of successful initiatives that have been implemented through joint efforts.

The first two days of the National Week, April 17 and 18, were held at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, whose founder, Marie Lou Papazian, sincerely welcomed the attendees, wishing them a productive week.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Austrian Space Forum and the Armenian Aerospace Agency CJSC on implementing the AMADEE-24 Mars Analogue Mission in Armenia was the highlight of the National Week.

The Memorandum was signed by the head of the Armenian Aerospace Agency CJSC, Mher Mehrabyan, and the director of the Austrian Space Forum, Gernot Gromer. "Members of the first real mission to Mars were already born in New York, Beijing, or possibly Yerevan, but they are unaware of it", G. Groemer explained. According to preliminary estimations of Mr.Groemer, the first manned flight to Mars,l will take place in 20-30 years.

Hayk Chobanyan, General Director of the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises (UATE), from his side, urged Armenian educational institutions to make the most of this historic opportunity and be actively engaged in the project's preparations.

It should be highlighted that INNO Armenia has an international component, and the AMADEE-24 Mars analog mission is strategically important for Armenia.

The National Week brought together local and foreign entrepreneurs, scientists, and diplomats, as well as ambassadors and consuls of a number of foreign countries.
There was an exchange of important information and experience in the field of technology commercialization.

Different panel discussions took place during the Week and they were dedicated to space exploration, sustainable economy in Armenia, development of artificial intelligence (AI), and achievements in bioinformatics and nanotechnology.

INNO Armenia-2023 ended on April 21, on World Creativity and Innovation Day.

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