Alternative Investments in Armenia

On November 8 and 9, BDO in Armenia and Orion Worldwide Innovations partnered to organize a two-day international conference titled "Alternative Investments in Armenia." to which The National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was invited.

The conference focused on creating international business alliances and collaborating with foreign bankers, investors, and businesses. Given Armenia's financial and broad economic growth, the conference's topic was crucial for encouraging money flow into the economy to promote innovation, productivity, and institutional capital management. The alternative investments in Armenia offer the potential to enable and refuel the nation's economic expansion.

Armenia's current financial system development is saturated with private debts and bank loans, and the public markets are still evolving. Thus, other sources of alternative investments, such as Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, and Private Equity, along with institutional multi-generational asset management, can play a vital role in diversifying the development of the financial ecosystem and transforming the wealth of our nation.

The event brought together policymakers, global experts, and corporations, with practical experts attending roundtable discussions to accelerate and fuel the financial sector's growth in Armenia. Our Center's iGorts 2022 Fellow, Mihrean Aroyan, who recently joined us from the US, was one of the panelists during the "CVC as a gateway to access emerging and innovative solutions for corporations" panel discussion along with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of High Tech, David Sahakyan, The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Armenia, Nerses Yeristayn, the CEO of Bitvore Inc., Oz Eleonora, and the Head of Tax and Legal BDO Armenia, Aharon Chilingaryan.

Orion Worldwide Innovations also sponsored the conference to the activation of the "Digital Jugha" network, which will create an opportunity to position Armenia as an investment hub in the region.

Watch the discussion through this link:

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