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From October 19 to 21, 2022, the International Trade Council has partnered with the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency to launch this year’s Go Global Awards in Tallinn, Estonia. The National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was awarded the “Economic Development and Export Promotion” Go Global Award among 8 000 award entrants from around the globe. The event launched with a speech from the President of Estonia, Alar Karis, followed by insightful panels and networking for our team.

This year’s Go Global Awards were dedicated to those organizations that, despite challenging times, display innovation and resilience. Go Global Awards Program aims to build a community of manufacturers, exporters, and related service providers to support one another, share ideas, create partnerships and build on their existing knowledge and connections. Tina Khalafyan, The Project Assistant of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, accepted the award on behalf of our Center.

This award is consequential for Armenia and the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship SNCO. They have overcome many challenges and continue developing and implementing tools necessary for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The International Trade Council (ITC) event "Go Global Awards" culminated with a gala evening in Tallinn. Business world's Oscar's conference and gala brought together hundreds of senior executives from the world's most innovative manufacturers, re-manufacturers, exporters, and representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms, and financial institutions.

The International Trade Council (‘ITC’) is an internationally-renowned, non-profit organization, apex chamber of commerce, providing services to government trade agencies, chambers of commerce, export councils, business associations, and corporations. It also works closely with policy-makers to sponsor the creation of additional networks, forums, and alliances that provide a focus for collaborative work and new growth opportunities for fair international trade.

Estonia is hailed as the world’s most advanced digital society, where the legislation is transparent and built to help businesses grow. In the latest International Tax Competitiveness Index 2022, Estonia has gained the highest ranking in the world.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this successful event and look forward to next year’s.

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